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All Things Icelandic

This website makes use of Icelandic photos, in tribute to the Icelandic background of both Dr. Barry Whitney and his wife Juliann (nee Blackmore) --also of Icelandic descent, who has had a distinguished career in media, including the research and production of several TV programs and a well-known Icelandic-Canadian film, A Saga of Hope, a film about the hardships in the immigration of her great-grandfather from Iceland to Canada. Juliann was instrumental in the design and construction of this new website and directs and edits Dr Whitney's podcasts (available on this site and on i-tunes).

Barry Whitney's ICELANDIC GENEAOLOGY has been documented back 2000 years (70 generations) to a King in Asia Minor, born in the year 20 AD. Included in the geneaology are some of the original settlers of Iceland from Norway, Swedish kings and nobility in England, and many Icelandic priests.

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Hellnar Church, Iceland -- Barry and Juliann at sunrise Mass (2:30am) at the end of the pilgrimage on Snæfellsnes peninsula, Western Iceland (June 21, 2006)

Snæfellsnes peninsula in Western Iceland -- © Barry Whitney, 2006

Lava fields in Northern Iceland near Myvatn (2002)

Barry's Family Homestead (Eiðsstaðir) in North-cental Iceland from which his great-great grandfather Benedikt Olafsson and his family, including Barry's great-grandfather, Jón Benediktsson, emigrated to Canada in 1874. Alll photos on this page: © by Barry Whitney