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Dr Barry Whitney: Courses for University of Windsor, 2000-2006 : ARCHIVE*

These course outlines have not been updated since they were last taught in 2006: it's likely, therefore, that many of the links utilized in the outlines are no longer active. These course outlines will be revised and updated when they are taught again by Dr Whitney at the University of Windsor or when they are taught in other teaching forums.

07-100: Religion and Culture (Fall 2006)

07-221: Justifying Religious Beliefs (Fall 2006)

07-322: God and Atheism (Winter 2006)

07-323: God and Evil (Winter 2006)

11-351: Myth and Literature (Winter 2003)

07-232: Religion and Science (Fall 2000)

07-233: Religion and Literature (Winter 2003)

07-5xx: Religion and Culture (graduate course)

07-2xx: Religious Belief in Contemporary Culture