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Updated: April 19, 2006:
University of Windsor: Course Website
07-323: "GOD and EVIL"
(Winter 2006)

Dr. B. L. Whitney, B.A., Ph.D.

Professor, Philosophy of Religion, Christianity, Religion & Culture
Class Email: please use the course number (07-323) in the subject area
Phone: please use email to contact the professor
Professor's Office: 7104 Lambton Tower (7th floor)
Office Hours: Jan 10-April 13, 2006: Tues and Thurs, 2:10-3:40

OFFICIAL COURSE OUTLINE: Contains Student Obligations and Protocol for Class, Final Exam and MidTerm Test dates and information, etc. Please note that this "Course Outline" [including this webpage] constitutes the "Official Outline" for the Winter 2006 version of this course. This Outline REPLACES any and all brief, general outlines published in the University of Windsor calendar and on the Registrar's webpage.

1. Stephen Davis, editor, Encountering Evil (2nd ed: 2001)
2. Gregory Boyd, Is God to Blame?
3. Peter Kreeft, Making Sense Out of Suffering (1986)

4. Web documents and various items in the Library's Reserve Reading

Week 01-Jan 12: [First class]: INTRODUCTION
Week 02-Jan 19: THEODICY BASICS: Davis EE intro; Intro: GE ch 1, Formulations of Problem of Evil
Week 03-Jan 26: Monotheistic Theodicy and Eastern Theodicy: Buddhism and Hinduism; Religion Stats
Week 04-Feb 02: Professor at Conference in Los Angeles: prepare Kreeft chapters !+2 and Roth readings
Week 05-Feb 09: Kreeft, ch 1+2; ANTI-THEODICY PROTEST: Roth, EE ch 1; Sum of Roth; Dostoevsky
Week 06-Feb 16: ANTI-THEODICY FAITHISM: Faithism: GEch 2; , Holocasut: GE ch 9;
Week 07-Feb 23: Job Overview; (Book of Job), Job; Psalm 22; Logical and Evidential Problems (lectures)
Week 08-March 02: Winter Break Week (Study Week)
Week 09-March 09: Midterm Test at 4:00
Week 10-March 16: CONTEMPORARY THEODICIES: Lecture notes: EE book ch 2, 3, 4 summary; EE book summary
Week 11-March 23: Continue the discussion of EE book (Davis, Hick, Griffin)
Week 12-March 30: TRADITIONAL THEODICIES (brief lecture notes); Boyd book (chapters 2-7)
Week 13-April 06: Professor at Conference in Chicago: Prepare notes on Kreeft book (chapters 4-7)
Week 14-April 13: [Final Class]: Discussion of the Kreeft and Boyd books, etc. and 6 theses; Warfare
Week 15-April 20: Final Exam at 3:30 (CAW Centre: AA, rows A-I)


[Part 1A] Introduction to the Problem of God and Evil (Theodicy)

Text: Davis, Encountering Evil (EE), vii-xiii

Text: Kreeft, Making Sense of Suffering, chapters 1-2
Web: Whitney, God and Evil (GE), chapter 1
Web: McCallum, Formulations of the problem of evil

Web: Passantinos, The Problem of God and Suffering
Web: Natural/Physical Suffering (disasters)
Web: Moral and Social Evils (selected list)
Web: America's Hidden "Holocaust" (selected)

Web: Overview of Buddhism and Suffering
Web: Overview of Hinduism and Suffering
Web: Overview of Taoism and Suffering
Web: Overview of Islam and Suffering
Web: New Age and Evil 1 and 2
Web: World Religions and the Problem of Evil
Web: World Religions

Web: World Religions and Suffering
Web: World Religions Stats (chart)
Web: American Religious Beliefs (chart)

Web: Canadian Religious Beliefs (selected tables)

[Part 1B] Anti-Theodicy Protest
Text: Roth Encountering Evil (EE), chapter 1
Web: Commentary on Roth's views
Dostoevsky, "Rebellion"; (Bk 5, ch 4)
Web: Whitney, GE, chapter 9:
Jewish Responses to the Holocaust
Web: Holocaust and Holocaust Theology
Web: Christianity, Naturalism, and
the Holocaust
Audio Tape and lecture notes: Wiesel, Ani Maamin
Web: Whitney, Response to Anti-Theodicy

[Part 1C] Anti-Theodicy Faith (Active vs Passive)
Web: Whitney, GE, chapter 2
Web: The Book of Job: The Book of Job;
Boyd, IGB, ch4; Job Overview
Web: Analysis of he Book of Job (Sutherland)
Web: Stedman Lessons From Job and The Hardest Question
Web: Lament Psalms: Psalm 22, Psalm 88, Psalm 130
Web: Groothuis, Defending Religious Beliefs (07-221)

Web: Dulle, Why Theology is Important (Faith and Reason)

Library Reserve: Reason and Religious Belief, ch 3
Library: Reserve: Schilling, God and Human Anguish, chapter 3

[Part 2A] Evangelical Free Will Theodicy

Text: Davis, Encountering Evil, ch 3

Library Reserve: LPE and EPE in Rowe, Philosopohy of Religion, ch 6 (Library)
Web: Encountering Evil text summaries (Davis, Roth, Hick, Griffin)
Web: Rood, Overview of Logical and Evidential Problems

[Part 2B] Irenaean Theodicy
Text: Hick, Encountering Evil, ch 2

Web: Commentary on Hick's theodicy

Library Reserve: Whitney, God and Evil, ch 5

[Part 2C] Process Theodicy
Text: Griffin, Encountering Evil, ch 4
Web: Commentary on Griffin's views

Web: David Griffin Theodicy page
Web: Whitney's Aesthetic Theodicy

Library Reserve: Whitney, God and Evil, ch 6
Library Reserve: Whitney, Evil and the Process God
Video and Lecture notes: Griffin's Theodicy
Video and Lecture notes: Kushner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

[Part 2D] Other Contemporary Theodices
Library Reserve: Whitney, God and Evil, ch 7 and 8
Library Reserve: Griffin, God, Power and Evil (various)

[Part 3A] Augustine and Catholic Theodicy

Text: Boyd, Is God to Blame? ch 2

Library Reserve: Whitney, God and Evil, ch 4
Web: Commentary on Augustine's Theodicy (Faithnet)
Catholic Predestination: Thomists and Molinists (Ott)
Web: Catholic predestination and Freewill (Kolasinski)
The Free will-divine determinism problem in Catholic Theodicy
Web: Traditional Theodicy

[Part 3B] Augustine and Reformed Protestant Theodicy
Web: The Calvinist Defense of Predestination (reference resource)
Web: Extreme vs Moderate Calvinism (Beaumount)

Web: Clark on Calvinist Theodicy
Web: Calvinism on Predestination and Freewill

Web: Calvinism's God and Moral Responsibility

[Part 3C] Other Traditional Theodicies: Protestant, Eastern Orthodoxy, Anglican, Evangelical. Mystical, etc.
Web: Eastern Orthodoxy on Grace and Predestination (reference resource)

Web: Predestination and Free will in Eastern Orthodox Belief (Milatios)

Web: Anglican Theodicy: C.S. Lewis (Bacz);
Library Reserve: The Problem of Pain/A Grief Observed (C.S. Lewis)

Web: Moderate Calvinism: Geisler: Modernate Calvinism vs Open Theism
Video and Lecture notes: Geisler

Text; Kreeft, Making Sense Out of Suffering (ch 1-10)
Text: Boyd, Is God to Blame? (ch 1-7)

Web: Boyd's Spiritual Warfare Website; (Six Theses; Does God Ordain Evil?)
Web: Belief in Satan: Barna stats

Web: Satan and Spiritual Warfare (part one: Harrington)

Web: Angels, SATAN, demons (Litke)

Library Reserve: C.S. Lewis, The ScrewTape Letters

Web: Spiritual Warfare: Stedman
Web: Ecclesiastes (Stedman)
Lecture: Biblical Theodicy: : Whitney, God and Evil ch 3 and Theodicy