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Christian Spirituality

Christian and New Age Alternative Spiritualities
Whitney Debate with Deepak Chopra: Vision TV, 2003

Christianity and New Age Courses
New Age Overview
Deepak Chopra's Spirituality
Oprah and New Age Gurus
Holistic Medicine

New Age and the Occult

..much more to come...

Traditional Catholic Spirituality, Theology, Apologetics
The Vatican
Vatican: Virtual Toour
The View From Rome
Catholic Culture
EWTN Catholic Resources and LIVE TV FEED
The Church Fathers Library
Daily Readings and Meditations
Daily Reflections
Universalis: Daily Readings
Catholic Calendar
Catholic Prayer
Universalis: Daily Prayer: Morning, Evening, Night
Universalis: Daily Calendar
Daily Reflections
Daily Scripture and Psalms (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
Daily Scriptuers and Psalms (EWTN)
Catholic Morning and Evening Prayer (audio)
Church Calendar (Catholic Information Network)
Saints and Angels
Catholic Spiritual Direction
Catholic Videos (YouTube)
Catholic Apologetics (Dave Armstrong)
Catholic Apologetics (Peter Kreeft)
Catholic Apologetics (Scott Hahn)
Catholic Educators' Resource
Catholic Answers
Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Biblical Apologetics
Catholicism: Biblical Basis
Catholic Apologetics Articles
Catholic Apologetics Information
ACTS Apologetics
Newman Apologetics Resource
Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Apologetics on the Net
Catholic Apologetics Network
Scripture and Catholic Doctrine
Catholic Apologetics International

Ignatian Spirituality
(in progress)


Benedictine Spirituality
The Rule of Saint Benedict
Benedictine Life
Benedictine Spirituality: Sisters of St Benedict
An Online Benedictine Retreat
Saint Scholastica and St Gregory
The Rule of St Benedict
The Rule of St Benedict
Brief Bio
Catholic Encyclopedia "St Benedict" entry
Prayers to St Benedict
Saint Benedict Medal
Daily Reading from The Rule of S Benedict

Divine Mercy Devotion
Divine Mercy Resource
Divine Mercy Shrine
Divine Mercy Information
Divine Mercy Information Site
Saint Faustina and Divine Mercy
Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet
Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet


St John of the Cross
A Spiritual Canticle
Dark Night of the Soul
Ascent of Mount Carmel

St Teresa Avila
On-line books


Christian Classics
Classics / Church Fathers

Thomas à Kempis
The Imitation of Christ
The Imitation of Christ